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Tehnika – company with the best creditworthiness evaluation

2022-06-21T13:55:51+02:0021. June 2022.|Tags: , , |

More than 70 years we are building your constructions on domestic, regional and world market. In our long tradition of business, we are proud with every realized project, because no matter of investment value, we invested our maximum capacity, so that everything will be in accordance with the highest standards of construction. In a matter of [...]

We are introducing innovations on a real estate market

2022-05-18T15:12:50+02:0018. May 2022.|Tags: , |

Tehnika doesn't build only places to live in, but also safety, comfort, efficiency, functionality, environmental awareness and much more. All these make Smart Residence such an impressive building. Because of that we are honored to be part of this project, to work on it and to increase the number of our partners. Now, we are serious competition [...]

Smart Residence – impressive new building presentation of the building in Tuzla

2022-03-18T12:08:52+01:0018. March 2022.|Tags: |

Tehnika d.o.o is a company that's been operating for 75 years and behind it, has a big number of professionaly realized projects. Some of our currently open construction sites are: Tourist settlement MAJ II, LDC Fero-Term in Rovinj and Kornatska, with that we have family villas Mali Maj in Porec. When it comes to Bosnia and [...]

Tehnika’s expert team is installing the Alubond ventilated façade at Smart Residence

2022-01-21T13:52:46+01:0021. January 2022.|Tags: , |

Expert engineering team from Tehnika d.o.o Kiseljak, for some months now is working on constructing the Smart Residence building in Tuzla. Despite of difficult conditions caused by the winter, the work is being done on the façade of the building. At the same time a lot of work is being done in the interior of [...]

Completed reinforced concrete works on Smart Residence

2022-01-21T13:50:44+01:0021. December 2021.|Tags: , |

Few days ago we've finished our work and reinforced concrete on the Smart Residence building. At the moment, our workers are constructing the scaffolding so the work on Albond vented facade can be started. Paralel to facade, locks are being installed in the building. Also, inside electrical wiring is being placed and walls are being [...]

New construction in the heart of Tuzla

2022-01-21T13:50:33+01:0019. November 2021.|Tags: , |

On the Smart Residence building, reinforced concrete is currently being worked on and it is in it's final stages. At the moment we are doing work on the roof, where we are planning to install thermo insulation, geotextile and riverbed gravel. All for the purpose of meeting the high standards and preventing any kind of [...]

The engineering team of Tehnika is working on the construction of smart buildings – Smart Residence

2022-01-21T13:50:15+01:0019. October 2021.|Tags: , |

For the expert team of Tehnika, bad weather does not exist. In order to meet construction deadlines, work is being done around the clock, no matter the weather. Of course not at the expense of quality. The building is built according to the highest standards of construction, from the reinforced concrete structure, facade, to the [...]

Works on the construction of the residential and business building Smart Residence in Tuzla are in progress

2022-01-21T13:51:21+01:001. September 2021.|Tags: , |

Set in an excellent location, residential and business buliding Smart Residence offers top quality construction that guarantees you safety, functionality, and comfort. The building will have a semi-basement, ground floor and four storeys, containing "ASA Banka", "ASA Osiguranje", Eurofarm policlinic, and thirty luxuriously furnished appartments. Current construction works are going smoothly and undisturbed, partially due [...]