Looking for a job? „Tehnika“ Ltd. is perhaps the right place for you.

The construction company „Tehnika“ Ltd. owing to the expansion of its business scope, is in constant need for experienced, motivated, responsible and professional people to work. If you want to become part of the Techniques team and have the knowledge and skills we need, then fill out and send the contact form below so that one of our employees can contact you as soon as possible.

Priority Ads

Construction Works:

  1. Bricklayers – multiple executors
  2. Carpenters – multiple executors
  3. Reinforcers – multiple executors

Finishing crafts:

  1. Facades – multiple executors
  2. Knaufers – multiple executors
  3. Creamers – multiple executors

Mechanical installations:

  1. Locksmiths – multiple executors
  2. Ventilation-air-conditioning installers – multiple executors
  3. Heating-cooling installers – multiple executors
  4. Water-drainage installers – multiple executors
  5. Sprinkler installers – multiple executors

– Workers with experience are needed.
-Preferably vocational school or other relevant education.
-Willingness to work in the field both in BiH and abroad.
-We are looking for motivated, responsible and professional people to work with.
-We offer regular and stimulating earnings that are well above the industry average for experienced masters.
-Continuous investment in the development and development of workers, the possibility of career advancement.
-Applying for retirement and health insurance.
-Required knowledge of blueprint, blueprints and other specifications.
-Assembling, installing, and repairing system components.
-Willingness to work in teams.

Please send your job application as well as a short CV to mail posao@tehnika.ba or fill out the contact form:

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    For more information please call our office in Kiseljak 030/871-647 and 063/217-117 or 063/159-606 between 08:00 and 18:00h.

    The job ad stays open until job positions are filled!