We are introducing innovations on a real estate market

//We are introducing innovations on a real estate market

We are introducing innovations on a real estate market

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Tehnika doesn’t build only places to live in, but also safety, comfort, efficiency, functionality, environmental awareness and much more. All these make Smart Residence such an impressive building. Because of that we are honored to be part of this project, to work on it and to increase the number of our partners. Now, we are serious competition on the market, thanks to effort and commitment of our team, and our ideas and innovations are accepted in a field of real estate.

Soon, on our building will be completed Alubond, ventilated facade. For this facade, because of specific installation and production, we needed more time to finish. Inside the building, rendering is finished on the third and fourth floors, and screed is finished on the fourth floor. Electrical, plumbing and sewage distribution works have been completed, and heating distributions are finished on the fourth floor and are currently being worked on the third and second floors.

Parking is currently preparing for asphalting, after which we will intensify working on the crossroads. Retaining walls are almost all completed.

Sales team from Smart Residence told us that they are almost sold all apartments. If you want to buy apartment in this fascinating building, for which we are guaranteeing, you can call on: +387 63 217 117 or send e-mail on: prodaja@tehprojekt.ba.