62m2 3-room flat

//62m2 3-room flat

62m2 3-room flat


Apartment type s-2b entrance 1 on floors 1/3/5 entrance 2 on floors 1/3/5

Entrance area: 7.40 m2
WC: 1.79 m2
Bathroom: 4.93 m2
Bedroom 1: 10.08 m2
Bedroom 2: 8.64 m2
Kitchen: 3.99 m2
Living room + dining room: 16.99 m2
In total apartment: 53.82 m2
Loggia: 7.73 m2
Overall: 61.55 m2


The property consists of 70 residential units located on 5 floors divided into two separate slats. Each louvre is designed with a separate staircase, an elevator and an external fire escape. In front of the building, 54 associated outdoor parking spaces are planned. The surface of the apartments ranges from 31m2 to 87m2 divided into two-bedroom, three-room and even four-room modern designed and comfortable units of the highest standards of workmanship. The construction uses first-class materials, state-of-the-art construction technologies and superior precision of finishing works.